This is a manifesto about the ways celebrities can use and leverage social media, how their activity is valued by fans and corporate partners (studios, networks, publishers, etc.) and how they can derive even more value from these platforms.

You are the brand. By this we mean that celebrities are known for their talent mainly as an individual and on rare occasions as a group. It can be anything your singing, dancing, acting or talent related to sports. But that talent makes you stand out of the crowd. Just like a brand, celebrities also have a reputation and online presence to maintain in order to increase and maximize their audience. Once celebrities get to a certain audience size, that enormous group of followers becomes a great place to market your new movies, music, events and personal brands.

In today’s world when we talk about a famous personality, their social media content is all about their talent and their lifestyle. By creating the right kind of content and then marketing it in the right way with good tag lines and relevant hashtags helps you to attract and engage the perfect audience and increase your followers.

Social media has a big part in that as the majority of smartphone users check their devices at least 150 times a day. This means your content has to be fresh and exciting. Most celebrities with massive social audiences gained those followers by having their own unique content available on specific social media channels. Whether you’re looking for Leonardo DiCaprio Tweets, Justin Bieber attempting skateboarding on Instagram or Kylie Jenner’s Snaps, these celebrities have a schtick when it comes to content.

This is done by:

  • Posting unexpected Tweets.
  • Giving a glimpse into private lives.
  • Posting beautiful content.
  • Behind the scenes action at major events.
  • Posting everyday content.
  • Sticking to a narrative.

In the years before social media, people got their gossip on celebrity information on TV, websites and in magazines. Now anyone can follow celebrities, sports stars, actors/actresses and even the President.

Audiences are coming to you to get a sneak peak into your life, but also with the chance to interact or engage with you. Take a look through any major celebrity feed and hundreds of people @mention or converse with the celebrity account even though they’re likely not to respond.People simply love the opportunity to Tweet, message or tag celebrities, which means it’s critical to engage with fans every now and then. Audiences follow celebrities, athletes and stars to get a more honest picture of their life and what they go through on a daily basis. You have to find a balance between posting regular and promoted content.

Whether you’re a star athlete or brand influencer, you want to make sure your messages are well planned so you don’t accidentally Tweet or post the wrong thing to Facebook. This is where we come in the picture, we help you create an organized and scheduled social media presence.

As we mentioned earlier you are the brand, and so Pictures and Videos are your USP. We as an agency need you to give us all your data of your daily events while it’s happening and in many cases even ahead of time.

For eg:

  • There is an upcoming event like TV show or a Match, an Interview, Performance etc., we need detailed information regarding the event ahead of time. This helps us to create a hype before the event, this is to create curiosity amongst the audience. We need live pictures and videos of the event. This will get posted while the event is going on to give the audience something to engage in. Behind the scene footage helps to keep the audience attracted even after the event is over. Pictures and videos of yourself after the event, this is required to show gratitude towards the audience so they don’t feel left out.
  • You are planning to go out for a dinner or a casual outing, we need pictures of what you are wearing for the outing, pictures of you sitting in the dinner place with friends/family/acquaintances/colleagues. This helps the audience to get a glimpse of your private life which keeps them hooked to your social media.
  • If you are associated with a brand then we need information of that like when you sign the deal with a label it doesn’t hurt to let your followers know about it. And if given timely information we can do it in the best way for you.
  • If you are travelling, pictures of packed luggage, boarding passes, you on the flight and when you land on your destination. Basically anything that shows you were on that flight and you are on a specific location. This makes your audience connect with you on different levels.
  • You can also provide selfies taken with right make up and good background in good lighting this helps to maintain a routine when there are no major events happening.
  • If you are going to launch an Audio/Video need pictures and videos of pre recording and during the recording this helps us to not only build up for the launch but also give the audience something after the launch. If given this information beforehand we can also run campaigns to get more engagement from the audience.

By providing us beforehand, timely and relevant detailed information about your life with pictures and videos helps us organize, maintain and grow your social media presence.

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