Discovering Her Calling and Purpose

During her family trips back to rural India, Reshma Thakkar witnessed the adversity that Indian women and children faced. Born and raised in the United States, she felt compelled to help lift up those not given the same opportunities.

After a successful career as healthcare IT consultant, she found the means to do something about her altruistic desires and sponsored the education of two young girls from the town of Vrindavan.

In 2010, Reshma traveled back to India to re-embrace the culture of her religious and native homeland. Afterwards, she reflected thusly: “I really got to explore India. I felt different when I came back. It turned me inside out. It made me more grateful and somehow angry. Why was I privileged? And how can I utilize my privilege to help others? It made me aware of how much we waste on material things that don’t matter. The women there didn’t have the same freedom and luxuries I had. It was unfair. I felt disoriented; it didn’t make sense.

That’s when she knew: her love for India and its rural women were her calling.


Supporting the Mantle of Motherhood

The Made with a Purpose project that Reshma heads supports underprivileged women in India. Women with no access to education, women abandoned by their husbands or widowed, and left to raise their children alone. The project teaches them how to sew and provides them with sewing machines, fabric and all the tools they need to stitch beautiful, culturally inspired handmade products.

Reshma’s mantle is one of female empowerment. She demonstrates this with her life, and it’s constantly observable on her social media which revolves around her own achievements and her hopes for the achievements and prosperity of rural women in India.

By giving her a professional website, we get people clicking and staying on her website, and leading people to her Instagram to see what she’s doing. This leads them closer to her projects like Made with a Purpose.

Our clients are always doing amazing things. They just need the exposure they deserve.

Your Own Hero

Reshma, in her own words, is an icon to everyone, a hero.

She told us that to first change the world, you need to change yourself first. Do good for yourself, then you can do good for everyone.

Reshma Style

We shot her photos in Mumbai, as her entire project revolves around the women of India. The theme of the mood-board was freedom, since her humanitarian efforts do just that – help women liberate themselves.

Reshma website mockup

Keeping It Personal

For her personal website, we focused on her as a person and then what she is working on (like Made with a Purpose, which we also designed a website for). Inundating visitors with too much information for a personal website never works – they want to know who the person is and then find out what they do. Thus, we kept it minimalist. Visitors are welcomed by the simple layout and can then easily navigate towards what interests them.

Within the first six months of the new site being live we saw a 50% increase in web conversions.

Reshma Thakkar
Humanitarian, Life Coach and Personal Development Speaker.

For a more detailed look into what we did with her Made with a Purpose website, check it out here

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